About Aardbei Extra


Aardbei Extra takes care of the propagation of your plant materials!


Aardbei Extra is a family business with about 50 years of experience cultivating strawberries and strawberry plants. The company started in the 1960s by growing various types of vegetables, including the strawberries that are now our main crop.

The success of a crop of strawberries largely depends on the quality of the plants. Keeping this in mind at Aardbei Extra, we have made the choice to focus on the growth of strawberry plants.

Aardbei Extra has developed into a leading, modern supplier of strawberry plants. It should come as no surprise that the core values of our company are dependability, quality and passion.

High quality strawberry plants cultivated on our excellent sandy soils

"High quality strawberry plants cultivated on our excellent sandy soils"

Method / FPP®

Quality has a name. We call it FPP®


At Aardbei Extra, quality has a name: FPP®. FPP® is a mark of quality. The fact that our strawberry plants have been awarded this mark of quality means that they are cultivated in accordance with strict guidelines, and that they satisfy the highest possible quality requirements. This mark of quality comprises the Elite quality mark and regular testing by the Naktuinbouw (Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture).

FPP® is short for Fragaria Propagation Control. With FPP®, our method, growth techniques and other specialist resources that we use to cultivate a top product, have become easily recognizable.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading our FPP brochure.
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A year at Aardbei Extra



  • Planning the new season
  • Performing machine maintenance


  • Performing manchine maintenance
  • Developing new machines


  • Preparing the soil so that it is in top condition
  • Starting planting the motherplants
  • Covering the motherplant materials with foil in order to protect them from frost/to force their growth


  • Remove the first small flowers from the motherplants in order to initiate runner development


  • Removing the protecting foil
  • Removing weeds from the plots
  • Sending out strawberry plants from our coldstores


  • Laying out the formed runners
  • Various plant nursing activities


  • Lifting, sorting and sending out cuttings


  • Lifting, sorting and sending out fresh, bare-rooted plants
  • Planting fresh plants on “waiting beds”


  • Nursing of the frigo and waiting bed plants


  • Prepare for the lifting of the strawberry plants


  • Lifting strawberry plants
  • Grading, counting and packaging strawberry plants
  • Cold storing of the strawberry plants

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