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From past to present

Our company is situated in the ‘Belverse Akkers’ (Belverse fields) of the picturesque village of Haaren in North Brabant. It used to be a livestock company, but in 1965 we started cultivating vegetables and small fruit. We finally decided to specialize in the open field cultivation of strawberries and strawberry plants.

By combining the best of traditional and modern cultivating methods, we have been able to cultivate delicious strawberries. You will taste the difference!

The secret of the sunny, sweet flavour of our strawberries is in the soil. Our company is situated on the so-called Es-grounds. Traditionally, every spring, manure from the deep litter houses was mixed with heath sods and spread out on these grounds. Nowadays, instead of heath sods, we use compost and fertilizers, all natural if possible. This is why the grounds are most fertile and resistant to diseases. As an extra measure, we also sow marigolds to prepare the grounds. These serve as a natural protector from harmful nematodes.

Until this very day, our strawberries are cultivated on a bed of straw, in order to protect them from moisture, sand and botrytis.


Farm shop

During the ‘open field season’ (from May up to and including August), we sell our lovely strawberries in our farm shop. We do not sell greenhouse strawberries; only strawberries cultivated in the sun. Our shop is located in an authentic grain barn, built in 1910. The old barn breathes the rich atmosphere and history of the countryside. Our products fit right in.

In addition to the freshly picked strawberries, we also sell various other summer fruits, such as cherries, raspberries, blueberries, redcurrants and blackberries. In addition, we also have about 35 kinds of jam, sugar free fruit fillings, syrups, juices and fruit sauces.

The latest addition to our range: red apple juice!

Apple juice squeezed from an exclusive variety of apple with red pulp. Too delicious not to try!

Looking for a nice gift? We can custom make beautiful gift baskets for you, containing several samples of our products. And if you want to add a little something extra, we can add crockery and napkins with a fruity print. Gift wrapped in foil or in a nice basket, this is a perfect gift.


Strawberry vending machine

Strawberry vending machine

"Strawberry vending machine"

Outside of our opening hours, you can buy our strawberries from our strawberry vending machine.


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