Yield: tested in many countries, with several different cultivation systems for a lot of years. Always a higher yield compared to Elsanta.
Flavour: different test panels designate the flavour as very nice. Even a better taste than many other varieties.
Fruitsize: especially from middle until end of the harvest period the fruitsize doesn’t drop down to a lower level.

Limalexia is not sensitive to Verticillium, mildew or Phytophthora cactorum.
The Limalexia variety easily establishes flower positions during the propagation phase. The number of flower positions is standard higher than Elsanta.

Production can start with the nitrogen-scheme like Elsanta. Limalexia will need to be switched in time to the potassium scheme; before the first fruits are formed.
Due to the high production, Limalexia demands more potassium as in a general potassium scheme.