Strawberry plants


Flair (early)


  • Very early variety, 7-10 days before Elsanta
  • Bright coloured fruit
  • Excellent taste
  • Tolerance against most root diseases and mildew
  • Susceptible for herbicides
Fleurette (early)


  • Very early and easy to force
  • Vigorous variety with high productivity
  • Excellent fruit quality with a good taste
  • Good shelf life
  • Tolerant to mildew
Elsanta (middle)


  • Firm fruits with very good taste and strawberry aroma
  • 1 to 2 days before Sonata
  • High to very high Productivity
  • Allrounder: suitable for different cultivation methods
  • For inside and outside, and from early to late
Sonata (middle)


  • Mid season
  • Easy to pick
  • Excellent taste
  • Beautiful presentation
  • High return
Jive (late)


  • Late variety (7-10 days after Elsanta)
  • High yield
  • Beautiful orange-red fruit
  • Long shelf life
  • Big fruits


Are you interested in a particular variety that is not mentioned above? The cultivation of other (licensed) varieties is definitely a possibility. In order to realize this, we are in constant contact with various plant breeders in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We would love to take care of the propagation of your strawberry plants!

For more information about the possibilities, please contact us.


Types of plants



  • Uniformly sorted

Fresh plants

  • Uniformly sorted according to root volume and rhizome diameter


  • A                 < 15mm
  • A+               15-20mm
  • A+ Extra     20mm+

Waiting beds

  • Heavy      22mm+
  • Medium   18-22mm and 20mm+
  • Fine          15-18mm

Motherplant materials

  • Class EE
  • Class Se2
  • Class Se1

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