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Our strawberry plants

The fundament of successful strawberry cultivation depends on the reliability of the plants.  Cultivating healthy and productive strawberry plants, it sounds so simple, but it is a serious business what – at Aardbei Extra – keeps us busy every day.

Aardbei Extra is a family business with passion for excellent strawberry plants.

It all starts with good communication and listening to our customer, choosing the right varieties and plant types. A good planning, healthy soil, well thought cultivation systems, hygiene protocols, more than 50 years of experience, passion, but most of all, a fantastic team of employees is what makes the plants of Aardbei Extra!

For every cultivation system, small or big, we can product a suitable plant. We would love to take care of the cultivation of your strawberry plants!

Flair aardbeienplant ras

Flair (early)

Flair is an early variety with a good flavor. Flair is not susceptible to root diseases and is less sensitive for powdery mildew. The yield is a bit less, but the earliness in combination with a high sales price, early in the season makes it a very interesting variety.

  • Exceptional early
  • Very good flavor
  • Fresh colored fruit
  • Resistant to root diseases and powdery mildew
  • Excellently suited for cultivation in tunnels
    Elsanta aardbeienplant ras

    Magnum (mid season)

    Magnum® is a June bearer. This variety has a good vigour and requires little maintenance. The large berries are short and conical in shape, very fragrant and juicy with a high Brix content

    Berries do not bruise when picked due to its firmness and the shelflife is very good.

    • Good vigour
    • Upright and balanced crop
    • No particular susceptibility to diseases
    • Large fruit (20 to 25g), juicy, sweet (high Brix index)
    • Bright red fruit that does not darken
    • Firm fruits and very good shelf life
    • Very suitable for cultivation on substrate
    Sonata aardbeienplant ras

    Sonata (medium early)

    Sonata is a medium early variety,  a few days later than Elsanta. It has a really good flavor. The variety is less sensitive to mildew, but a little more sensitive to root diseases.

    The beautiful shape of the fruit is exceptional and the number of misshaped fruits is very low.

    The firmness of the fruits can be a little less in comparison to Elsanta, especially when growing strawberries in open field during hot weather conditions.

      Limalexia aardbeienplant ras

      Limalexia (medium)

      Limalexia is a new variety which stands out with it’s beautiful big fruits, really good flavor and high yields. When fertilized well, the variety is less sensitive to powdery mildew. With hot weather, the Limalexia plant can maintain fruit size throughout the growing season.

      Limalexia is a strong grower and because of this, it is less sensitive to root diseases. The strong roots makes sure that the plant experiences less stress.

      The characteristics of this allrounder, makes the Limalexia even a very good fit for summer cultivation in a greenhouse!

      • Good flavor
      • Big fruits
      • High yield
      • Strong plants
      Elsanta aardbeienplant ras

      Elsanta (medium)

      Elsanta is a medium early variety with a good flavor. The variety is moderate sensitive to root diseases and powdery mildew. Elsanta is suitable for all types of cultivation systems, like greenhouses, open field, substrate and tunnel cultivation.

      • Firm fruits with very good flavor and strawberry aroma
      • 1 to 2 days earlier than Sonata
      • High to very high productivity
      • Allrounder: suitable for al types of cultivation systems, both indoor as outdoor and early to late cultivation
      Elegance aardbeienplant ras

      Elegance (medium)

      Elegance is a medium early variety which is very productive. It can be a little bit more sensitive to powdery mildew. The fruit quality is excellent with a high percentage of class 1 fruits, a very good fruit size and firmness. It shows a very good shelf life. Also Elegance has shown a very good tolerance to rain. The variety is suitable for different types of cultivation systems.

      • Very productive
      • Excellent fruits quality
      • Great tolerance to rain
      • The fruits are firm and juicy
      • Very good shelf life
      • Suitable for every cultivation system
      Limalexia aardbeienplant ras

      Falco (mid season)

      Falco is a June bearer which produces large strawberries. It is a very strong variety with uniform and firm berries.

      The Berries are juicy and fresh, intense red and have a bite and remain firm even in warm weather. The shelf life is excellent. The first berries can be slightly grooved.

      Falco is very suitable for open field and tunnel cultivation. Falco has no special nutritional requirements.

      And has a very strong resistance against Phytophtora Cactorum. But is also showing good resistance to Botrytis and Rhizoctonia.

      • Large uniform berries (average > 28 gram)
      • Juicy with a fresh bite, excellent taste during summer

        Easy to pick, not sensitive to bruising

        Very productive, high percentage of first class fruit

        Strong resistance to Phytophtora Cactorum

        Very suitable for open field and tunnel cultivation

      Elsanta aardbeienplant ras

      Florice (everbearer)

      Florice (Flevoberry breeding) is a brand NEW, productive everbearer with beautiful large fruits. The fruit retains its size throughout the season.

      The fruits have an excellent taste and a high and constant brix-level. The strawberries are intense red, firm and not very sensitive to bruising.

      Florice is strong against root diseases and quite tolerant for powdery mildew.

      • Large fruits with a short conical shape
      • Excellent taste and aroma throughout the season
      • Easy to pick, firm,  not sensitive for bruising
      • Strong tolerance to root diseases
      • Suitable for different cultivation systems

      Plant types

      Ingenious cultivation system

      Since 2018 the stek-plants (tips) at Aardbei Extra are being cultivated on a unique table top system.

      The motherplants are cultivated in troghs, on gutters. Herewith the young tips partially develop themselves lying on a horizontal netting and  partly hanging in the air. So the plants will never get in contact with the soil. Therefore root diseases are eliminated to a minimum! The tips become stronger and more vital. With this method we can grow more plants on a smaller area, which means a more efficient use of fertilizers.

      The harvest of the tips occurs on site with the help of harvest trolleys which hover above the plants. Because of this, employees can stay straight up during the job.

      Outstanding sandy soils

      The cultivation of the fresh bare rooted strawberryplants, frigo plants and waitingbeds are still being cultivated in the open field. For this we have outstandingly beautiful sandy, well draining fields at our disposal.

      By applying a wide crop rotation, use of Marigolds and exchanging our fields with farmers, we have sufficient supply of healthy plots.