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Aardbei Extra

At Aardbei Extra we grow high quality strawberry plants for professional strawberry fruit growers throughout Europe. Our enthusiastic team of packers, graders, crop caretakers, team leaders, tractor drivers, irrigation and logistics staff, they all work hard every day to deliver strawberry plants of the best quality.

We offer jobs for people who have green fingers. And if you don’t have them yet, we will make sure that you will get them!

Specific client assignments, innovative growing systems and weather influences provide a lot of variety in the jobs.

Hard work makes you hungry. You can prepare your own meals in one of our main kitchens and in the evening you can enjoy with your co-workers. Play some pool billiards or a match of soccer.

You will be sleeping in one of our accommodations which are located on our company premises.

Throughout the year

Field work

Planting strawberry plants on our fields.

Throughout the year

Caretaking of crops

Hoeing, weeding, de-flowering, spreading of the young runners.

July – December

Grading & packing

Grading, counting and packing of our strawberry plants (mostly in July/August and November/December).

Throughout the year

Variety of work

Driving tractors, trucks and forklift trucks.

Administrative office work.

Our accommodations

We have created accommodations for our foreign seasonal employees. The space consists of a 2-person and 4-person room, toilet- and showers and a joint kitchen and lounge area.

WiFi and satellite television is available.

Together we “pick” the benefits

In April 2019, together with an external advisor and support of the European Union, we started a sustainability project. This project mainly focusses on the sustainable employability of our staff. 

The main goal is to create a place for our employees where they feel safe and at ease, where they can develop, be motivated, healthy and competent.

We want to reach the following goals:

  • Optimal and sustainable employability of all our employees where differences between people is not an issue and their talents are used in an effective way.
  • To enhance the involvement of our employees, because we listen to their ambitions and let them work to their talents and qualities.
  • Offer our employees opportunities inside of our company.
  • Improve communication which results in better team work, development of our staff and eventually in a more successful company.

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