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There is much work to do in our nursery. A few examples:

  • Working in the field

Planting strawberry plants

  • Nursing plants

Grubbing, removing weeds, laying out runners

  • Grading tasks

Grading, counting and packaging strawberry plants.
(particularly in the months of June/August and November/December)

  • Various other tasks

Driving tractors, forklifts and lorries. Helping out in the office with administrative duties.


“If you are an all-rounder, you have come to the right place!”



The company has a built-in space to accommodate foreign seasonal workers. This space contains bedrooms with two or four beds, toilets, bathrooms and a shared kitchen and living area. Satellite TV and WiFi are also available.


Open application

Function description

  • All-rounder
  • Grading, counting and packaging strawberryplants
  • Transplanting strawberryplants
  • Nursing tasks, like weeding, removing flowers and spreading young runners

Function requirements

  • Motivated
  • Green fingers, interested in plants
  • No 8 to 5 mentality

Employment conditions

  • During the period of Juli and August
  • During the period at the end of November until the end of December
  • Minimum of 40 hours a week


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